I hail from a small town in Saskatchewan. I moved to Saskatoon in 2012 in search of new scenery, to pursue a career in Massage Therapy and build on my passion of natural, holistic health. I am a proud mama to two beautiful daughters. In 2016, the size of our family doubled when I married my best friend and biggest fan, who has a daughter and son.

I am a person of many passions. What I have discovered is that though my passions be many, they all can be placed into a general category of HEALTHFUL LIVING.

A healthful BODY – massage therapy practices to ease muscle pain and tension; fitness routines to increase strength and stamina and to reach and maintain a healthy weight and body composition; healthful eating to fuel the body with whole, unprocessed foods and essential nutrients; essential oils for everyday use to limit the amount of chemicals in the household.

A healthful MIND – personal development reading to unlock full potential and toss out the fears and skewed beliefs that limit growth; The Mantra Mirror of affirmations to live life with intention.

A healthful SOUL/SPIRIT – development and deepening of my Christian faith; finding beauty in the simple things of life and taking time to “smell the roses”.

Professional Achievements

My career life started off in the field of nursing. I graduated with a Licensed Practical Nurse certificate from Lakeland/NorQuest college in 2006. I practiced in many areas of clinical and hospital settings, adding many additional courses of study along the way. These included Perioperative Nursing, Alberta’s Weight Wise program, and Diabetes Care education.

I was driven towards holistic health care after seeing so many people prescribed so many medications and still feeling unwell or dealing with negative side effects. Achieving optimal function and feeling of well-being is a top priority, not only for myself and my family but also for my clients.

I completed my Massage Therapy diploma at Alberta Massage Training in 2013 and became a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan in 2014. I am currently working as part of the highly skilled team at Donald Physiotherapy. I am working towards different skill sets to help clients reach their goals with treatment.

I am also an Independent Distributor with Youngevity. Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach and his discovery that we need 90 essential nutrients for optimal functioning. Apart from the nutritional supplements offered, Youngevity also has essential oils, jewelry, mineral makeup, spices and so much more!